Installing Games

RetroArch Game backups or ROMs must be clean. Use “No Intro” roms. These are the only files the OS will index. You can still play hacks, broken roms, etc. by adding them to a playlist or by manually loading content from the folder. To do this simply select the option “load content”. However, life will be better if you use “No Intro” roms. There are even archives of them on

Installing Games over the network

You have access to Batocera over the network; it’s just a simple share. On Windows or MAC you can just navigate to \\BATOCERA and you will see a share folder. In windows simply do this:

  • Press start and type RUN
  • type \\BATOCERA and press enter
  • You will see a Batocera share folder
  • Open this and you will see various folders
  • Put your roms into the correct folders

It’s crazy easy.

Installing Games from SD or USB Flash Drive
  • Copy good ROMs to an the SC or TF card then insert the card into the Sen Pi. You will see a folder for roms. Just put them into the correct folders per system if using the SD card (already there).
  • Then you can scan folders in Batocera.
  • Navigate to the root of your storage and look for a folder called “media”
  • The SD card may have a funny name – select it
  • It is best to import one folder at a time (if you separated ROMs into folders)
  • Scan a few folders
  • Roms that are good copies should show up in your database now
Accessing System Folders or using ssh can be dangerous
(Advanced Users Only – We cannot refund users who change system files and can’t figure out how to fix their issues)