We do not make Lakka, RetroArch, LibreELEC, or Kodi. Our device is just a little computer; you can install whatever you like on it. We use it mainly for Lakka and Kodi.

We can not provide support for the operating systems, however, there are large communities around each of these.

How do you turn the Sen Pi back on after you shut it down?

This is a DIY kit and the case has no power button. You simply plug it in to power it on. So, instead of throwing a switch you unplug and re-plug the ac adapter from the unit.

The unit will not power on.

Some of these DIY kits are a little snug around the power connector. You simple need to plug it in firmly.

Where do I get games?

We can not provide games or link to downloads. You must own a physical or digital copy of a game in order to emulate the rom here. This system prefers “No-Intro” roms. You can google that.

Where do I get bios files?

For some systems to work, you need bios files. Most bios files go into a system folder, but many go into the same folder as the roms. See this guide here: https://www.lakka.tv/doc/BIOSes/

Some of my games don’t show up, what’s up?

Retroarch/Lakka looks for “no-intro” roms, or roms that haven’t been tampered with. You can play your other roms if you create your own playlist database files, which can be time consuming: https://www.lakka.tv/doc/Playlists/

We will add more as we get questions.