Install Android TV

Notice: This installation will write directly to the internal memory of the Sen Pi. Only an advanced user will be able to install an additional OS. Furthermore, many users may have difficulty reverting to Lakka or Kodi. This is only recommended for people who want to solely use the device for Android TV.

Special Thanks to Aiden Macgregor for hacking this rom. See his video here:

Android TV turns the Sen Pi into a full-featured TV box capable of installing android apps like PLEX, HBO Go, ESPN, Crunchyroll, etc. You can also install other Android apps including emulation/retro gaming apps like Retroarch. This work great with NES, Genesis, SNES, and a bunch of other systems.

This installation process is a little more in-depth than Lakka or LibreElec, but it’s still pretty easy.

What you need:

  1. Armlogic Burning Tool:
  2. USB Male to Male Cable:
  3. The Android TV image hacked by Aidan:

The specific image/rom that I used was this one (universal):

Note, newer roms may work fine, I just haven’t had time to test them all and this one supported everything I needed to do.

How to install it:

  1. Install the Armlogic USB Burning Tool and the driver (when prompted, click next/yes)
  2. Open the USB_Burning_Tool.exe
  3. Click on “File” then on “import image”
  4. Select the version of Aidan’s rom that you downloaded
  5. plug in your USB cable to your PC
  6. Click “Start” on the USB_Burning_Tool
  7. Use a paperclip or something small to press the “reset” button on the Sen Pi
    1. The reset button is located inside the SPDIF port. You will feel/hear it click when you insert an object.
  8. Hold down the reset button while you plug the other end of the USB cable into a port on the Sen Pi
  9. The USB_Burning_Tool will start to write the rom to the Sen Pi.

After a few minutes, your Sen Pi will now be ready to go as a fast AndroidTV device.

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